Wednesday, November 4, 2009

feeling generous?

Friends - I have a request of you. A family friend is a paratrooper in Afghanistan and he wrote home letting his family and friends know what they could send in holiday care packages to his fellow paratroopers. Many of them either don't have family or rarely receive letters from home. These men work in the worst conditions to keep all of us safe at home and I figure this is a great opportunity to do my part to make their holiday season merry!
Here are the items he let us know his fellow paratroopers would LOVE to receive:
- Playstation 2 & 3 games ( I was so proud of Guy... he gave them his old games... good riddance!)
- Movies
- Baby wipes (no hand sanitzer please)
- Beef Jerky (what is it with men and their jerky?!?!?)
- Single packet drink mixes... you know those Crystal Lite things that you can stick in your water bottle
- Candy
- Shaving brushes (they clean their weapons with these!)
- Protein Bars
- Gum
- Mac 3 Razor blade refill pacs
If you're interested in sending a care packages, please comment or email and I can send you the address. You'll need to send the package in the next week to reach them by Christmas. I had so much fun shopping with my mom to put together two packages for them. Bonus that A LOT of the items can be found at The Dollar Store so you can get more for your money! Tid bit: I ordered some used Playstation games from Amazon for cheap!
Thanks ladies - you're the best!!! Happy Hump Day!!!!!


Tracy-Girl said...

Which kind of movies? We have some I wouldn't mind sending over :)

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

You are awesome! Such a great idea! Count me in!

Hi, Lane said...
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Drewablank said...

I'd love to do this! My email: rhea dot marie at gmail dot com. Thanks for posting this! God bless you. :)

~KS said...

Of course I will do this... you know me and my love for sending presents :)

Send the address along- I will see if I can my mom and dad to play along too... and I am going to pass the info along to my pastors and see if anyone at church would want to help too!

~Kristen~ said...

We would love to contribute! Please let me know how at Thanks! :) God bless our troops!