Sunday, November 29, 2009

dominican: the pictures

{our first night... after a 9 hour travel day}

{the gorgeous resort pool}

{lounging at the beach... we spent all our time in these tiki huts!}

{the flamingos in the lobby}

{the gorgeous view from our resort}

Have a great Sunday! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!


The Owl's Closet said...

i'm so jealous of ur trip!:D lucky u! sounds like u guys had a great time:) loving those lobby flamingos haha hope u had a great thanksgiving holiday!

~KS said...

The flamingos make me extra happy... they are my favorite animal!!
So fun... that pool looks amazing. I am so glad you got to escape and have so much fun.
Sad news on my end- they rejected my application to adopt the baby kitty... they gave me a nice condescending lecture on how evil and cruel declawing was... so according to them, I am mean to my animals. Yeah right... if they only knew how spoiled these furballs are... I'm just sad cuz I had already visited him and gotten kinda attached to the little guy. So sad.

Jenni said...

ohhh that looks sooo pretty!!! I hope I can go there on day, it looks wonderful!

Kimbirdy said...

Beautiful pictures! And your blog is great - you are hilarious!

bananas. said...

YAY! welcome back lady! looks like fun times for sure. your last post is hilarious btw. that friends episode is too true. my hair is way worse under humidity. it's quite comical.

Down and Out Chic said...

oh wow, what i wouldn't give to be at the beach right now!