Thursday, October 8, 2009

polaroid scan session

I scanned a couple of Polaroids recently.... I just love them. They can be of the simplest moment and seem so much more special because that "Polaroid hue" we all know and love.

{some of my favorite women}

{girls night at Mags}

{ACL line up board and map}

{the crowd waiting for Avett Brothers}
Sadly I'm down to my last 8 Polaroid pictures before I need to order more. We all know how pricey it is so I'll need to choose my opportunities wisely!


KLaw said...

LOVE polaroids! Cute pictures! I cheat and use the polaroid option on Picnik.

Stacey Sargent said...

love these so much. the colors in the last two are so fun!! polaroids are the best!!

Tracy-Girl said...

Adorable... I'm with you, the polaroids make everything so much more fun!

two is a pair said...

Love them too! Your pics are great!