Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a letter

Dear Guy,
Hope you’re enjoying California. Gus & I miss you at home. We haven’t been eating as well. You’ll be happy to know I’ve been productive; I’ve caught up on Gossip Girl, Grey’s, and other “girlie” TV you won’t watch with me. I ate the cream cheese chicken dish that I love and you don’t. And I found the dryer sheets you hid because you hate when I use them. Nice try. Please come home soon. We miss you (and your cooking).
Love, Morgan & Gussie

P.S. I took over a wee bit of your closet with some reorganization I did last night. You don’t mind do you?


KLaw said...


Now, tell me about this cream cheese chicken dish... sound fabulous!

olivia rae said...

haha awwwww. cute post.

OceanDreams said...

How cute, what part of Cali is he in? I am in Southern CA so maybe we are near by! :) Ha ha, I don't blame you for taking over part of the closet space.

~KS said...

Hope he comes home soon.... I don't how long one can last on cereal ;) And I love how you slyly took over a bit of his closet while he was away. Nice move!
I am working on an email to you... sigh.
And I'm leaving you a little bloggie award on my blog later this afternoon.

bananas. said...

that's hilarious! men...we can't live without 'em but when we do, we make sure to take advantage. lol.

btw why aren't you in cali???

Collins said...

Cute. Why wasn't I invited to this chicken dinner??

Tracy-Girl said...

Oh my gosh, this is so cute!! He must miss you! :) Adorable!