Wednesday, October 14, 2009

just a typical Tuesday evening

Setting: Our house, watching The Biggest Loser

M: I have a stronger core than you.
G: You’re crazy; there’s no way.
M: I’m just stating facts.
G: I’ve been working with a personal trainer for 5 months now – I have a stronger core.
M: That doesn’t matter. I’ve always had a stronger core.
G: This is so frustrating. I wish there was a way I could prove I have a stronger core.
{2 minutes passes in silence}
G: I’ve got it. Can you do this? {G drops to the floor, does a type of crunch I hadn’t tried before, and said this was the true test}
M: Of course. We do those all the time in bootcamp. (we don’t) Nice try. We can do a crunch off at the next commercial. I can do those way longer than you.
G: Fine.
{next episode break}
M: I need to run to the restroom quick.
{I pee, flush, and while the flushing occurs drop down on the bathroom floor to verify I can do this type of crunch. I can. SUCCESS. Victory is mine. I return to the living room}
M: I’m ready. Crunch off time?
G: I’m over it. You have a stronger core than I do.
{I smugly sit on the couch the rest of the evening… basking in victory}


Summer @ B is for Brown said...

this is classic! i love it so much. i was picturing the whole thing when reading it. well, except i put up a black "do not look" box in my mind when you had to go to the potty. LOL.

bananas. said...

that's cute...crunches in the potty. haha!

Nicole said...

Oh no, I forgot to watch Biggest Loser last night! I love the dialog though! :) Congrats on your victory.

KLaw said...

Bwah ah ha ha ha ha!!! That's hilarious! Yay for victory!

olivia rae said...

hahahaha. love it. and biggest loser is amazing...

Collins said...

OMG - love it. Poor Guy!!!

Tracy-Girl said...

hahahaha!! You two are seriously adorable! i love how you went to the bathroom to make sure!