Monday, October 12, 2009

it's that time again!

I had two lovely ladies recently pass along a fun blog award and I thought what better time to share the love than a Monday morning! Kristen and Summer, two FABULOUS bloggers who I read daily, gave me the following award:

Ya'll are both great and love you to pieces!

I now pass the love to the following beauties.....
Nicole Marie of
La Mia Vita
Lindsey of like a hamster on a wheel
Shannon of The Lovely Adventures of Me

I have to leave you with the following picture, which I found via a little this, a little that



~KS said...

I love that little lobster baby... so cute!!

lindsey said...

Fun! Thank you so much :)

two is a pair said...

Awesome congrats on the award!

Lindsay said...

Saw that costume obsessed!!

Kristin said...

OMG, dying over that little munchkin. So stinkin' cute!

Becky said...

Just found your blog and am loving it! That is quite possibly the most awesome picture I've ever seen!