Friday, October 9, 2009

it couldn't have come sooner.

Was this week incredibily painful and slow for anyone else?! I don't know what it was but it was a rough one for me. Probably a combination of Guy being out of town, all week training class at work, and getting back from Austin on Monday. Boy oh boy do I need this weekend.... here's what's on tap:
- Picking Guy up at the airport tonight, grabbing a good dinner, and maybe a movie?
- Buying our first pumpkins of the year!
- The most important Badger game of the year... against Ohio State. I'm nervous already.
By the way... is anyone else experiencing 90 degree heat?!? INSANE.

Hope you have a lovely Fall weekend friends.


Marian said...

We've had identical weeks...but are both enjoying the weekend with some pumpkin picking. Have a blast

Collins said...

Um...are you comparing a painfully slow weekend to ballet class??? Where are you going to get your pumpkin? I am heading to pick one out this weekend too. Fun stuff!

~KS said...

Hooray for Guy coming home!!
Movie? What will you see?
My friends and I are going to be brave and attempt to find a pumpkin patch in Milwaukee one of these days... so much fun!
And 90 degrees? Ummmm... no. We might get a snow flurry this weekend. Ugh.
And Go Big Red!! Thos will surely wake up at the crack of dawn with the Badger Band CD blaring... hope they pull off a win!

Tracy-Girl said...

Yay for your man coming home! Take some pictures of those pumpkins... and good luck Badgers! :)

KLaw said...

Um, yes, Me! Me! Its 94 here today. Ugh.

Have a good weekend!

bananas. said...

90 degree heat?! uh no, not at all. it's been chilly turned sunny here with highs in the 70's. it's been perfect...sorry you're melting away :(

have a good weekend!

jeannie said...

90 degrees??? We're at like 50 right now!!! have a wonderful weekend! Try to stay cool!

*Lesli* said...

no 90's here in iowa....brrrr...

Annie said...

have fun getting pumpkins! i bought mine last weekend :)
90's!! really?! it is in the 30's in MN right now! so cold!!
have a fabulous weekend beautiful!!!

two is a pair said...

Hope your weekend has been relaxing with your love! Have fun with the pumpkins too! xoxo