Friday, October 30, 2009

happy halloween weekend!!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!Aren't these cupcakes the best! I wish I had the artistic creativity and patience to recreate these. Maybe next year! Hopefully you all have fun Halloween plans for the weekend. I plan to:
- Celebrate Guy's parents anniversary tonight with a nice dinner out
- Visit my two favorite little ones in town to see them dressed up as Pebbles and a Doggie!
- Head to Mags house tomorrow night after seeing the little ones for a yummy dinner and some competitive Wii.

Enjoy your weekend! Take lots of pictures and post first thing Monday! xoxo
photo from Flickr


olivia rae said...

those cupcakes are adorable! i want to make some... perfection!! have a great weekend! xo

Marian said...

Those cupcakes are super cute and I just want to eat all of them!!

Have a lovely weekend doll

Jenni said...

Have fun! Those cupcakes are ADORABLE!!!!

bananas. said...

will do :)

and i hope you do the same. have a funtastic halloween!!!

~KS said...

No offense, my friend, but I knew right away you didn't make those... but before I read any further, I DID think that maybe Guy worked some magic in the kitchen. I've heard such great tales about his cooking prowress!!
I got my baby Gussie Halloween card in the mail and just loved it!! As for my silly meltdown the other night- let's just say I have a tough decision to make. And in all honesty, the decision is probably not that tough- it's just following through on it... ugh. But I'm just gonna enjoy Halloween for now and deal with that later...