Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i'm being followed.

Can anyone else not get away from this song? Love the girl but seriously. I turn on the radio. It's on. I'm in the elevator - the girl next to me is blaring it from her iPod. I'm in a store - it's on. My grocery store cashier is humming it while checking my items out. I. Might. Go. Crazy.


KLaw said...

Its almost as bad as that wretched miley cyrus song thats on the radio and that I can't stop singing. Ugh. Oh and the one that says to make like Hellen Keller or something? Goo!

bananas. said...

UGH!!! i can't see the video but if you're talking about taylor swift then YESSS!!! that song drives me KUH-RAZY!!! actually it will be in my post today (again) b/c i have come to LOATHE it.

but if it's not taylor, then hmmm...i'm curious.

Lily G. said...

omg, I know. It's seriously EVERYWHERE!

~KS said...

So... this is how crazy my life is. I don't even get a chance to listen to music... unless it's my iPod while I'm studying. So I am free from the stalking of this song :)

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

thank goodness i don't own a car. but i do see it on vh1 top 20 countdown and wonder why!!!!

funny blog post title

Elizabeth said...

I am way over the song. That is why I hate radio because they over play a song and then I hate it just as fast as I fell in love.

nifer said...

I'm sorry all my lovely bloggy ladies, but I adore Taylor Swift, and despite the fact that this song is grossly overplayed, I can't get enough of it! (And I own the CD..)

After seeing the video (never seen before), I love it even more! She's beautiful, I love her high-school-drama songs, and she's such a better role model for young girls than Miley.

THERE! I said it. = )

~ Jen

P.S. Morgan, sorry my rampage had to be on your blog. I lurv you!