Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sometimes creativity takes an interesting turn.

This is such a curious thing? Does fruit really bruise this easily? I love me some Etsy and one of the reasons is this - where else would you ever see anything like these little numbers? Too funny.
If your fruit is in need of some knitwear... click here.


Arlynn said...

These are just TOO sweet!!!

I'd love to include one of these little guys in my lunch box... just think of what others would do when they notice your fruit - dressed to the nines :-)

Red Boots said...

I need one of those fruity suits for myself! I bruise so easily, at the slightest touch, and my boyfriend says if he ever hears the phrase "no, I bruise like peach" ever again then he'll dump me!! So my point is fruit must bruise easily if it's one of my most over used sayings!

Kristen Sara said...

Hmmmm... I do love Etsy, but I'm not so sure about these. But someone somewhere loves them I'm sure!

Annie said...

too funny!!
i just showed someone i work with these cute little things last week....randomly came across them on etsy, ha!

Marian said...

I may not use them, but they are super cute

♥Aubrey said...

That's quite the fruit attire :)-
Sweater..scarf..NO..it's a fruit warmer like our leg warmers right? lol