Friday, August 14, 2009

rain + live music = awesome

At least a warm summer rain is awesome. We went to the Darius show last night and despite Mother Nature's attempts to ruin the evening - we had a blast.

Some takeaways from the evening:

1. Dierks Bentley (sp?) opened for Darius and is F-I-N-E. How did I not know this man existed?
2. Guy and his brother decided women look better in the rain. (I disagree with this statement as I ended up looking like a wet dog and for that reason did not post the picture of Guy and I together. It wasn't pretty.)
3. 'Let Her Cry' is still an amazing song.
4.Thursday night fun makes Friday's that much better.

Hope you're having a great Friday. TGIF!

1 comment:

Accidental Syrup said...

This is the first in 5 years that I've missed the summer Hootie show!!!! SOOO bummed, sounds like a great show! and ditto on the D.Bentley comments. HOOOTTT