Monday, August 3, 2009


You had me at hello. (if you watch True Blood... you know the stud that is Eric. If you don't watch - YOU SHOULD.)
The suit. The hair. The Swedish-ness. Oy vey.


bananas. said...

oy vey is right! i wasn't feeling him so much first season but this season, i kinda am. and OMG isn't this season great! last night's episode was kuh-razy!

Kristen Sara said...

I enjoy your new adjective, Sweedish-ness. I think I need to start watching this show.

Meg Fee said...

oh my god! i'm dying right now. my friend angela and i have been talking about him soo much lately--she's convinced she'll marry him! and we have a little joke that i'll marry his father and become angela's stepmother (which is funny because i'm a bit younger than her and for other reasons that other people don't seem to find funny, why i can't imagine?!) but I LOVE HIM. and industry insiders (friends and friends of friends that have met/know him) say he's unbelievably shy and just about as nice as they come.