Thursday, August 6, 2009

charlotte bound!

Guy and I are heading to Charlotte, NC tomorrow night to see COLDPLAY!!!!! I've only seen them once before, back in '06, and they blew my mind. Amazing live. I can not wait for tomorrow night! As you can probably guess... this is the number one reason I want to feel better asap. I got a good nights sleep in last night so hopefully one more day of rest will do me good and I'll be ready to dance and sing and have a lovely evening with my man.


Annie said...

have fun girly!!
i love concerts!

SoFiA said...

I am just a litt- no. uber jealous you are seeing COLDPLAY!

have fun!

and hope you feel loads better before you have to head to the concert. maybe their singing and music will heal you... hehe.

pink-to-green said...

Seeing Coldplay live this year was seriously a highlight of the decade! They were even better than I thought they would be, what did you think?