Friday, July 31, 2009

this weekend i'm going to...

photo found here
...embrace the oppressive heat because I know I'll miss it when its' not here
...go all the way in the ocean water instead of just go up to my belly button because I'm too cold frozen yogurt. Twice.
...find a reason/make an occasion to wear my new dress
...decide which DIY project I'm going to tackle instead of get overwhelmed by all the possibilities my arms and welcome August and all it brings with it (namely heat, bugs, & the end of summer)
What are your plans for the weekend??


Kristen Sara said...

Your weekend such much more enjoyable than mine ;) I got my 2nd final last night (take home) so I have to pound that out this weekend, since I leave for ATL on Tuesday!!

annie said...

oooh that sounds like quite a weekend. i just might have to copy you all the way through that list!

Pretty Little World said...

Your weekend sounds lovely!

I'm going to try and get through some outdoorsy projects, and I think we're also going downstate to help a friend move. The helping move part isn't so exciting, but there are loads of great restaurants in the town he's moving to!

anonymous beauty said...

thanks for the advice! i love your blog, i cant wait to read more :)

LJ Livin, Lovin said...

Oh, I'm jealous of that hammock over the water! We are heading to ATL for a Green Day concert. Jeff said he decided he better go see them, before little feet are running around....HA! No, I'm not preggers, he just said they only tour every 5 years!
So that means
5 hours in the Car
3 hours of head banging and extreme people watching
2 hours of seeking water and advil
8 hours of sleep
2 hour lunch with Cookie
5 hours in the Car
Your weekend sounds more relaxing than mine!! :)
The things you do for your love! :)