Wednesday, July 1, 2009

summer is for tennis

One of the many things Guy has brought into my life is a love of tennis. While I don't play, I LOVE watching. We'll literally wake up at 3a to catch the Austrailian tennis final. We've become a house divided. Guy loves Roger Federerand I love Rafa Nadal.
Wimbledon is happening as I type but it's bittersweet for me because my boy isn't playing. Guess I'll take one for the team and root for Guy's fave. It's about compromise people. (for this tournament at least...)


Kristen Sara said...

I don't watch tennis much, but when I do turn it on I enjoy it. I seem to like Andy Roddick (spelling?), mostly because he wears Lacoste and can hit the ball 150 mph... unreal!

Meg Fee said...

growing up, tennis season was my fave because my parents are so into it that our lives would literally be interrupted for two weeks as my mom sat on the couch watching the matches--meaning no nagging for us to do chores and the like! and now i love to watch it--its such an event!