Monday, July 6, 2009

reasons to be happy.

Sometimes you have to force yourself to be happy. Even though it's the Monday after a holiday weekend and your office is still dead because most people were smarter than you and made it an even longer holiday weekend. Lists make me happy. So here are my reasons to be happy today.

1. I just made plans to see these lovely ladies in August. We meet once a year, every year, and this year we're meeting in Milwaukee.

2. My homemade chai tea tasted JUST like Starbucks this morning. Usually it's a bit off and I deal because I know I'm saving money and doing the right thing but today - it was magic. Tea synergy.

3. I made Guy laugh a lot last night. I like to make him laugh. Hopefully he'll remember this when I'm asking him to watch the Bachelorette tonight.

4. T minus 12 days until I'm in New York City.
G & I in NYC, at Yankees game, in 2007
5. I'm on my own for dinner tonight (G has tennis) which is usually stressful but tonight I see it as an opportunity to eat cereal (my favorite!), buy a trash mag, and take a bath.
Hope you find happiness in your Monday! xo


Kristen Sara said...

I would say these are fantastic reasons to be happy! Lucky you :)

bananas. said...

you're going to NY??? oh so lucky. that alone would make me happy.

ps. yes i made my banner all by myself. glad you like! :)

Tracy-Girl said...

I made a tea yesterday that tasted just like starbucks and felt the same satisfaction! Glad you are happy - and the day is almost over, so you made it with out vacation! :)

down and out chic said...

i'm a strong believer that happiness begins with an attitude. yummy chai tea is a great place to start!