Monday, July 20, 2009

new york city: day one

I'm baaaaccckkkkkkk!
Guy and I had such a lovely time in NYC... too short as always but I think we did the best we could packing the fun in. Here's a run down of day one.
1:00p - Arrive in NYC two hours late. Hate Delta. Not happy.
1:15P - Meet up with Sarah & Nate, bestie & husband, known since college. LOVE.
1:30p - Eat at jewish deli. Delish.
2:00p - Buy drinks and head to Central Park. Perfect weather. Breezy, 70's, and great people watching.
2:30p - See girl running down hill with smallest tennis skirt and no undies. Laugh.
3:00p - Head to Natural History Museum. Lots of dead animals. The primate exhibit was the best.
5:00p - Sound the alarm at the train station when I try to (unknowingly) use an expired metro card
7:00p - Meet in Sarah & Nate's hotel room for wine after showering and getting ready for our evening out
8:30p - Italian dinner at La Foccacia in the West Village. I've been before. They have the BEST vodka sauce.
10:00p - Head to 5 9th (or is it 9 5th?) for drinks. Seems like a cool area. Good vibe.
12:00a - Hit a bar near our hotel (Intercontinental Barclay) for last drinks
1:00a - Giggle all the way home about what a fun night
1:10a - Say goodbye to Sarah & Nate as they had to take the train home the next day.
1:15a - Pout all the way to the hotel room. Didn't want to say goodbye.
day two adventures coming soon!


Kristen Sara said...

Sounds delightful... except for the saying goodbye part of course. And as always, all of your outfits are fabulous.

Olivia Rae said...

awww sounds fun! that's hilarious about sounding the alarm... i'm always nervous about that happening to me!

bananas. said...

well it looks like you had a blast in those few days. but i think the best part happened at 2:30p. i laughed myself.