Sunday, July 26, 2009

bag raid #1: get this girl some stock in lip gloss

So I had this idea this morning, after switching to a different purse, that it would be interesting to see what all my friends carried around day after day in their purses. If you think about it... it's the next most important thing outside of your home, car, etc. You carry your life in it day in and day out. And if you're like me - you carry around things you really REALLY shouldn't. (more on that later....)
So I've asked some of my favorite bloggers to open their purses and leave no item behind. My girl Kristen at K.Law was willing and able and is first up! Kristen doesn't think her bag is interesting - I disagree. The sheer amount of lip items she carries is enough to love the girl. She's gotta have the most kissable lips in all of Florida.
Here's her purse and all of its items for our voyueristic pleasure.

And here's her explanation for this lovely splash of pink we're looking at:
Guess wallet- from 1998 apparently.
I even still carry a checkbook, but this is primarily because I've been 'big limpin' lately writing checks for all of this home buying bidnass
Ipod Nano with the arm band so I can sweat to the oldies (NKOTB, Genuine, Bel Biv Devo, Color Me Badd, Corey Hart - just to name a few)
Tuber Rose lotion - cause I get ashy ... just kidding... not really
Carmex, two Burts Bees, two Victoria's Secret gloss, one Wet-n-Wild gloss (holler 1992!), and one Blistex chapstick. Yes, that's 7 individual items for one set of lips. You'd think I'd have the sexiest, softest lips in the world with all this good stuff
Contact lens relief- while I wait to marry rich and get lasik.
Nail file and nail clippers- to fix up the goods after all the bloggin I do
Rimmel eye liner- never leave home without it
Eclipse mints - strong enough to kill even the strongest garlic breath
Two pens
Pinkberry- cell phone, not yogurt
Old school Covergirl powder compact- I go for the matte look
Tons-o-hair ties
And a little pink bag to carry all the little stuff
A clear hair clip
One random ear plug. I'm assuming this fell off my nightstand, in my bag one night after a snore session courtesy of the Husband

Don't you love that she didn't censor the amounts of lip gloss and chapstick she was carrying around? Thanks for playing Kristen!


bananas. said...

she sure does love that lip gloss! love this post series. can't wait to see what the rest have in their purses. so much fun!

KLaw said...

I'm glad you didn't think I was too strange for all the lip items! :)

Looking forward to reading more!

Kristen Sara said...

This is soooo much fun! I feel like such a snoop, but in the best way of course! Great idea, and I love that she loves lipgloss this much!

Collins said...

Morgan...this is too cute. Post more!