Sunday, July 5, 2009

a favorite place

Guy and I had a hard time deciding where to watch fireworks. There are so many choices in Charleston - not to mention four different firework shows to choose from. The benefit of living near islands I suppose. Ultimately we came up with the perfect place... back where it all started... Pitt Street Bridge.
The picture doesn't do it justice but this is where Guy took me on our first date. It's a walking bridge that dead ends in the water... a bit of a hidden gem most days. The view is amazing because you're surrounded by water, the chain of islands, and a gorgeous view of downtown Charleston. For fireworks it proved to be perfection because we were able to see three of the four firework shows.
We read our books, packed a picnic, listened to some music, and watched the sunset before the great firework shows began. All in all a lovely evening!

I had the hardest time getting pictures of the fireworks. This is literally the only one that remotely worked out. Anyone have better luck? Tips for me?


Kristen Sara said...

Looks like a perfect night!

My Wooden Heart said...

This looks like the perfect location to watch fireworks. Very romantic.

Tracy-Girl said...

sounds so romantic and fun... what a beautiful place. I love the picnic & reading - what a relaxing 4th!

bananas. said...

what a perfect way to celebrate independence day.