Friday, July 31, 2009

this weekend i'm going to...

photo found here
...embrace the oppressive heat because I know I'll miss it when its' not here
...go all the way in the ocean water instead of just go up to my belly button because I'm too cold frozen yogurt. Twice.
...find a reason/make an occasion to wear my new dress
...decide which DIY project I'm going to tackle instead of get overwhelmed by all the possibilities my arms and welcome August and all it brings with it (namely heat, bugs, & the end of summer)
What are your plans for the weekend??

Thursday, July 30, 2009

thursday cuteness

It's that time again! Margo and I volunteered last night and got to snuggle with these cutie pies!
The best part was Topher (the little guy in the lower left corner) got adopted while we were there! Hooray!!

my walls are yearning for these

Thanks to Centsational Girl I've discovered Tim Irving's Esty shop and I want everything he's done. They're amazing and one of them WILL be mine. I just need to decide which one... and that is not an easy thing to do. Here are just a few that I love...
Aren't they wonderful??

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

checking my mailbox with great anticipation!

AGHHHH! I can't wait for this magazine to arrive at my house. I was the biggest SBTB fan. I'm talking write letters to Kelly and Zach professing my love and adoration for them and telling them to stay together because they were so perfect for one another. I had SBTB trapper keeper, folders, pencils, etc etc.
Amazing how seeing this so quickly reminds me of a 12 year old not wanting to wait another minute to go into high school so I can see what it is like to be a high schooler like Kelly, Slater, Screech, Lisa, Jessie, and of course my beloved Zach. Sigh....

bag raid #4: it takes a village

Get your snoop on ladies! This post is extra special because it's Kristen's bag (of While We're Waiting), my oldest friend. I think we've known each other since 7th grade and become fast friends in 8th grade. Here's her bag (which I love!) and what she had to say...

"I'm thinking balls are to men what purses are to women. It's just a little bag, but we feel naked without it in public." -Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

Perhaps she was on to something... but in my case, it's not the actual purse I'm obsessed with, but what it's in.... which is why I was 100% on board with Morgan's request to snoop around in my bag! Unlike Morgan (who inherited a compulsive-purse-purchasing gene from her fabulous mother) I own three purses (total): the one in this picture, one Morgan actually gave me for my birthday, and one I picked up years ago when I worked at a bridal salon (I only use it when I get all fancied up). My theory is the bigger the better (notice this bag is the equivalent of a diaper bag). Here's what I haul around with me:

1. Crime Scene Bandages (a great find by my mom- the band-aids are actually yellow strips of crime tape, how cool is that?)
2. Sunscreen (read more about my obsession and my sunscreen picks here (
3. A Brewers schedule
4. My glasses (I'm realizing more and more how much I actually need these... so long perfect vision)
5. iPod touch (my 1st Christmas present from Jason)
6. Pink cybershot camera (just in case I need to capture an image for my blog!)
7. Coach wallet (another gift from Morgan- without her, I would have zero accessories)
8. Keys
9. Inhaler (my poor little asthmatic lungs would not be happy with me if I ever forgot this)
10. Mojito gum (I don't just buy a few packs, I buy it by the carton)
11. Sugar (currently a ginormous Blow Pop, but I usually have some sort of candy stashed away in my bag)
12. Advil
13. Lipsmackers Strawberry Kiwi chapstick (it has sparkles- my attempt at being pretty)
14. Hair elastic thingie (I don't even know why I have hair- it's always in a ponytail anyway)
15. BonneBelle Cappuccino lip gloss (it's neutral, and adds nothing to my face but it truly tastes like Starbucks... yummy)
16. My Crackberry (I hate talking on the phone, but I text and check email with zealous fervor)
17. Cottonelle hand wipes (Germs gross me out)
18. Purple pen (I have a weird OCD thing, and I only use purple or pink pens)
19. Pink highlighter
20. Tide to go stick
21. Camera USB cord
22. Polka Dot Composition Notebook (for jotting down random flashes of genius)
23. Starbucks (RED) thermos
24. Aveda Lotion

Thanks Kristen! Glad to see you still use the wallet. ;) xo

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i'm uncomfortable.

I'm uncomfortable right now. Who just watched The Bachelorette After the Final Rose?? Poor Reid. Don't you just want to put him in your pocket and tell him everything is going to be okay?
And what was up with Jillians hair? Not. Cute.

summer is...

Guy & I with his nieces Sumer & Mya visiting and playing putt putt at dusk. (Bonus that Sumer beat her Uncle Guy!)

bag raid #3: an inner priss

My good friend Collins of Simply Collins decided to play along so here is her adorably cute bag and all of its' contents. If you know Collins, you know she isn't exactly a girly girl but her bag sure does tell another story! We have a closet priss on our hands ladies!

Here's what Collins had to say about her contents.

a koozie (still from bar golf)
nail files (3 of them actually)
lip liner
hair accessories - ALWAYS bobbypins
pill box (have to have my advil and zantac)
hand lotion which I never use b/c I don't like it but don't want to be wasteful and throw it away
burt's bees lemon butter cuticle cream (this is the best thing ever made)
cuticle clippers
glasses cloth
clean and clear blotters
burt's bees lip balm (this is also a must have)
my hobo wallet - best purchase ever!

My favorite is the koozie. When I moved to the south, I couldn't believe everyone carried koozies with them everywhere. Literally men carry them in their backpocket just in case they run across a cold brew. In the midwest we never even used koozies - we just drank quicker so the beer wouldn't get cold. Now I can't drink without one!
Thanks for playing Collins!

Monday, July 27, 2009

shocking! (or not.....)

I know my West Coasters haven't seen The Bachelorette Finale yet so I won't give away what happened but I can't decide if I'm shocked. Or not. I am. And I'm not.
I hate to admit that I'm sad it's over. It was my Monday night release. At least we have one more episode where we find out if she's happy with.......... I can't say who. Just in case. I don't want to ruin it for anyone!

bag raid #2: packing heat

Okay, maybe Mayra of life is BANANAS isn't exactly packing heat but she is packing pepper spray which I love. Take a peek at her bag and what she has to say....

I have way too many handbags and I tend to use a different bag for different events, going to work, going out, dinner, etc. For that reason, my purse items get moved around a lot. Some things are left behind when transferring from bag to bag but these few things tend to stick around.

So here you go….a peak into my bag. Snoop away!

My things can be divided into 4 categories:

Financials:HOBO International leather wallet~ seriously the best wallet/clutch ever. It can hold pretty much anything including a camera and cell phone. I love it for day to day use and going out! I own two of these babies but as you can probably tell, I’m do for a new one.
Beauty:Benefit Justine case ~ this little kit includes Some Kind-a Gorgeous foundation for perfect skin; Benetint for rosy lips & cheeks; California Kissin' gloss for a minty clean smile; and Eyecon for bright wide-awake eyes. A kit for those “just in case” moments. Burt’s Bees chapstick, cuticle crème and lip balm ~ because you can never have too much Burt’s Bees.Benefit Boi-ing concealer ~ I usually carry this when I go out. I look like death without it. Bare Escentuals Buxom lip gloss ~ I must always have lip gloss in my bag and this one plumps just right.
Electronics:Garmin GPS ~ this has come in handy many times.Canon camera ~ Duh! You cannot call yourself a blogger without carrying a camera to document everything!LG Dare phone ~ I have to check my phone every 5-10 seconds for text messages, facebook, email, etc. It also takes some damn good pics.
Miscellaneous:Peacock notebook ~ for blog notes, post ideas, themes, doodles, to-do lists, etc.Pepper spray ~ I take BART everyday. You don’t know how many wackos I see.

Don't you love her green bag? I heart it lots. Thanks Mayra!!

{Are you interested in taking part in the bag raid? If so - just email helpyouhelpme09atgmaildotcom with a picture & description!}

more summertime polaroids

1. My favorite - late night dancing with Mags
2. I look like a giant in this picture.
3. Guy discussing why he's right during Trivia Pursuit
4. Apparently I was excited about that TP card? Probably the only one I knew the answer to - I'm awful.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

bag raid #1: get this girl some stock in lip gloss

So I had this idea this morning, after switching to a different purse, that it would be interesting to see what all my friends carried around day after day in their purses. If you think about it... it's the next most important thing outside of your home, car, etc. You carry your life in it day in and day out. And if you're like me - you carry around things you really REALLY shouldn't. (more on that later....)
So I've asked some of my favorite bloggers to open their purses and leave no item behind. My girl Kristen at K.Law was willing and able and is first up! Kristen doesn't think her bag is interesting - I disagree. The sheer amount of lip items she carries is enough to love the girl. She's gotta have the most kissable lips in all of Florida.
Here's her purse and all of its items for our voyueristic pleasure.

And here's her explanation for this lovely splash of pink we're looking at:
Guess wallet- from 1998 apparently.
I even still carry a checkbook, but this is primarily because I've been 'big limpin' lately writing checks for all of this home buying bidnass
Ipod Nano with the arm band so I can sweat to the oldies (NKOTB, Genuine, Bel Biv Devo, Color Me Badd, Corey Hart - just to name a few)
Tuber Rose lotion - cause I get ashy ... just kidding... not really
Carmex, two Burts Bees, two Victoria's Secret gloss, one Wet-n-Wild gloss (holler 1992!), and one Blistex chapstick. Yes, that's 7 individual items for one set of lips. You'd think I'd have the sexiest, softest lips in the world with all this good stuff
Contact lens relief- while I wait to marry rich and get lasik.
Nail file and nail clippers- to fix up the goods after all the bloggin I do
Rimmel eye liner- never leave home without it
Eclipse mints - strong enough to kill even the strongest garlic breath
Two pens
Pinkberry- cell phone, not yogurt
Old school Covergirl powder compact- I go for the matte look
Tons-o-hair ties
And a little pink bag to carry all the little stuff
A clear hair clip
One random ear plug. I'm assuming this fell off my nightstand, in my bag one night after a snore session courtesy of the Husband

Don't you love that she didn't censor the amounts of lip gloss and chapstick she was carrying around? Thanks for playing Kristen!

the birds & the bees

Today I love....

Honeycomb Necklace
Bee Ring
Owl Filigree Necklace
Bee Filigree Necklace

Feather Ring

Saturday, July 25, 2009

a family filled friday night

Guy's sister Melinda and two nieces are in town so we got together with Melinda and their brother Steve & his wife Heidi for a great dinner downtown. We knew exactly where to go - Hall's Chophouse. Now, I'm not a huge meat eater, but I knew I needed to go here because of the reputation it has built for itself in the last four months it's been open.
Hall's is family owned and run and you can tell. You're greeted warmly at the door and it's geninue thanks for stopping by. It's beautifully decorated and makes you feel like you've been transported back in time when things were simpler, family orientated, and jazz musicians ruled the music scene. I've never had a better cut of meat or better service. I already can't wait to go back!

I hope you had a wonderful Friday evening. I'm off to the beach with Guy & Melinda - enjoy your day!

Friday, July 24, 2009

happy friday!

This is just too cute not to share - especially on a Friday afternoon.
I found this on one of your blogs - please let me know if it's yours so I can give you credit for finding this treat!

I'm off to get my hair cut (nothing drastic, just desperately needed) and then out to dinner with Guy's sister and brother. Have a wonderful Friday night! xoxo

found: chic, affordable dresses!

In talking to one of my most fashionable friends - I learned of a little gem called LuLu's. I'm always on the lookout for cute, affordable dresses and this site is the jackpot. Think Anthro without the price tag. Bad news is that lots of ladies must already know about it because all the dresses I adore are picked over or sold out. Time to add it to my favorites and check it regularly for updates!
Here are a few of my favorites.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

summertime polaroids

So it's taken me some time but my polaroids are now scanned. Kind of defeats the purpose of a polaroid but I wanted a digital version of them as a CYA measure and they're fun to share. Now I need to figure out a clever way to display them like sweet Taza did. Here are just a few...

1. Dinner at Maggies & John's (infamous Wii night)
2. Late in the evening... knee deep in Wii
3. The Mr. & Mrs.
4. My sweet Gustavo
5. Guy - I especially love this picture because he looks JUST like his father did at his age.

who knew?

Who knew a down turn in the economy would benefit my little toesies? Susan Michelle, a sweet little boutique in Charleston, is closing it's doors (may you rest in retail heaven) and had a mega blowout sale this morning. While it was extremely picked over by all the fashionistas out there - I did find one hot little number you'll see me rocking this fall.

The picture doesn't do them justice but they're the most perfect shade of wine, suede, and have a great wedge heel. Perfect for Charleston fall and winter. (I feel for you ladies that have to worry about snow and slush ruining your suede heels!)

Originially $98, purchased for $28. HOLLER.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Did anyone just see Tyce Diorio's contemporary piece on SYTYCD? Danced by Melissa (not my favorite) and Ade (gentle giant).
I'll post the video as soon as it's up but had to put it out there to see if you saw it.

I wish I could dance.

time travelers wife

This looks great! Can't wait!

Has anyone read the book? Should I read it before I see the movie? It looks really interesting! And how cute is Rachel McAdams?! Love her.

new york city: day three

Rounding out our NYC trip...
9a - Get up, pack, give our bags to the bell hop and head out for our last day of adventures. We only had until 1p so we wanted to make the most of our morning
10a - We decided to just walk. It was beautiful out and we wanted to hit a few more stores and then decided to people watch in Times Square since we couldn't venture too far based on time.
11:30a - Guy really wanted to eat at Carnegie Deli since he ate there many times growing up. He got the world famous pastrami and I had the world's largest BLT. They were like heart attacks between bread. But damn good.
12:15p - On the way back to our hotel, we stumbled across The Naked Cowboy and I had to get my picture taken. He definitely has a few screws loose. He was saying some weeeiiirrrddd things in my ear. Oh what I do for this blog.....

Can't wait for our next adventure!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

mother nature at work

I came home from work today to find this wildflower vine creeping it's way up my rocking chair. Doesn't it look like little hearts?! I love it and I've noticed it's become the talk of my little neighborhood. I've noticed couples out on their nightly walk pointing it out and smiling. It's just too sweet.
I can't wait to wake up in the morning and see how much further it has entangled itself with my beloved rocker.


Found via The Classy Drifter.

Wish I could afford these. They would be perfect over my mantle. Maybe a good DIY attempt?
You can find them

new york city: day two

Morning friends! On to day two...
9:30a - Get up, after sleeping in (9:30a is sleeping in for G&I) and surprisingly don't feel too bad from the night before
10a -Get breakfast. Guy insists I get my breakfast sandwich on a hard roll instead of a bagel because "that's what New Yorkers do." (He's from Long Island)
10:30 - SHOP. Now it was Sunday... so things randomly started opening between 11 and 12p so we walked around Rockafeller Center and took pictures.
11-1p - SHOP MORE. I hit Anthro hard... only buying off the sale rack however. I was proud of myself. Guy found the best deals at Banana which he was happy about. Oh, and he got the world's most flattering jeans at Barney's. I had never been to Barney's before but it was an experience in itself. It was all gay men shopping. While I was sitting in the dressing room waiting for Guy I had literally 10 different gay men coming and going asking my opinion on what they were trying on. I would have stayed there all day frankly.
1:30p - Got lunch at 5 Napkin Burger... based on the recommendation of a friend of ours who said he dreams about their burger. We got it and I can see why. It was amazing.
2:30p - Went to the Titantic exhibition that the Discovery Channel was putting on. Very interesting. Highly recommend.
3:30p - Wandered around Times Square for a bit. You have to when you're in NYC right?
4:30p - Headed back to the hotel for a nap. We were exhausted after an already full day with our whole night ahead of us!
7:00p - Left the hotel in search of Thai food. Were given a neighborhood ( I think in the Theatre District?) that had lots of options. Boy did it ever. We found a place, which I can't remember the name of, that epitomizes the hole in the wall restaurant but was really good. We figured it was a good sign that we were the only Caucasian folk in the room. Only down side was that they didn't serve alcohol and we didn't know to BYOB.
9:00p - Got a drink at some random bar
10:00p - Decided it wasn't work paying $11/cocktail when we were still so tired so we hit up a convenience store for some ML and chocolate and headed back to the hotel. Best decision. We stayed up, watched some random shows, listened to the honking outside our window and had a great end to an already wonderful day!

day three coming soon!