Wednesday, June 24, 2009

when straps just won't do...

My mom loves purses. I love purses. I swear it's in our genes. One of my favorite parts about going out at night or on the weekend is deciding which bag I'm going to carry. Silly thing to love but I do.

Check out these great finds I found on Etsy. They're beautiful and hand made. Does it get better?!

Pink Clutch - KimberlyJonesDesigns - $40
Flower Clutch -
eclu - $34
Peacock Clutch -
redrubyrose - $75
Tweed Clutch -
SewMo - $30


Kimberly Julie said...

#2, please.

Kristen Sara said...

I own 2 purses... but if I was to add to my "collection," I would definitely go with the peacock purse. Adorable.

Collins said...

i love them morgan and i don't think it's silly at all to love purses! :)