Friday, June 19, 2009

wanted: chic leather jacket

I've been on the lookout for a leather jacket for two years now. Two years in - I'm at the height of frustration. It's impossible to find one that a) I love and b)I can afford. I love both Audrina's and LC's jackets below.
photo found here
Vintage Jacket

photo found here
Mike & Chris Danny Leather Jacket
In searching online I found two that I like (well one that is okay and one that is W-O-W) but both are crazy expensive.

Jackets found at Neiman Marcus & Saks

Juicy Couture Leather Biker Jacket - Neiman Marcus - $695
Paper Leather Drape Front Leather Jacket - Saks - $995 (SWOON)

Help?! Do you have any tips? Shopped somewhere affordable? Found a beautiful leather jacket recently?


Kristen Sara said...

Your post is about one month too late... I could have had my mom and dad look in Italy (the leather capital of the world). I ended up with a pretty fun purple leather bag. I love it!

Kimberly Julie said...

Audrina inspired me to want one as well... The only decent ones I found were at Urban Outfitters. But that was fall, so I'm not sure how their leather jacket inventory would look in the midst of summer...

bananas. said...

that 2nd one from saks is beautious! i wish i could tell you where to find one but i'm no good. sorry :( don't give up. i'm sure you will find the perfect one.

Tracy-Girl said...

oh my gosh... I want one too. Completely practical and probably a good price because its not the season for them! You will find one! :) Don't give up!

Michelle "Lady Bug" said...

I love the one Audrina is wearing. Wish I could look that good in a jacket like that.

Jeff Smith said...

nice post love it

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