Saturday, June 27, 2009

shop now!

I started my weekend off as I normally do - beach time with friends. One of my favorite things to do at the beach is "bikini watch." My girls and I scope all the other suits and find the cutest. The cutest today was actually on my lovely friend Mags but we noticed how many beach bunnies were wearing Victoria Secret swimwear. Mags immediately told us about the humungo sales they're having.

Sweet heavens. She wasn't kidding. Almost all their swimwear is on sale plus free shipping on orders over $50! They're almost begging you to order 10 suits just to have them sent to your door, try them on, only to find one that works, and return the rest. I found three that I love and I hope at least one works.

Check it out ladies!
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Elizabeth Marie said...

I know, it's so great! I just got my bikini in the mail and it's perfect...and it was so CHEAP!

Hi, Lane said...

I ordered two of them a couple of weeks ago! The pink polka dot bikini & the yellow & brown hippie print bandeau. LOVE them! I hope you love yours too!

Morgan said...

I too have the pink polka dot bikini! It's made many beach appearances. Hope I like these as much as it! xo

My Wooden Heart said...

ohhh thanks for the tip. I'm in need of a new bikini!

Tracy-Girl said...

I love Victoria's Secret swimsuits... they have so many nice ones. I love that you guys "swim suit recruit". So fun!