Friday, June 12, 2009

nonprofit spotlight: Play Pumps International

In thinking about my blog, I realized I've been missing one major aspect of my life which is highlighting amazing nonprofit organizations. I work with them on a daily basis and they deserve a spot light!

One of my recent favorites is PlayPumps International. The concept is simple. You make a donation, the money goes towards a "playpump" that African children play on and simultaneously pump clean water to their community. GENIOUS.
Now, $14,000 covers the entire cost of the PlayPump. I don't have that - and I'm sure you don't either. But what I do have is $6. (especially since I gave up my daily Chai lattes!) $6 gives a child access to clean water for 10 years. Pretty amazing right?
I don't post so that everyone will give a donation (kudos to you if you do) but to spread the word about an organization doing amazing things for this World. Expect more posts like this to come. You'll be astonished by the organizations you don't know about but will be so happy that you do later.
Happy Friday! Make someone's day today... pay a compliment, help someone out, or simply forgive yourself for something little you've been holding on to.

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