Wednesday, June 3, 2009

it's time!

{WARNING FOR NICOLE: Read no further if you have not recieved your package!!!}

The swap has come to an end. And everyone should be getting wonderful little packages left at their doorstep this weekend. This will hopefully be true of my swap partner Nicole. I sent her package Sunday so it should have arrived today.... or not later than tomorrow. I truly hope she enjoys as I put much thought into stretching my $20-$25. I wanted quality over quanity and love a theme - so I stuck to one of my favorite things.... ACCESSORIES!

The pictures truly don't do the my special finds justice. I found four sweet little items (3 of the 4 were handmade... not by me... but still handmade!)
- Beautiful ikat scarf in a summery pink, green, and cream combination. We all know how I love an ikat print....
- Rachel Austin buttons. Remember her?! My whimsical little cards I blogged about earlier? Well she has adorable buttons that are almost MORE fabulous if that is possible. I imagine them on a jacket or adding some whimsy to a purse.
- Coral stud earrings from a local South Carolina designer. They were the perfect mix of coral and gold and I couldn't pass them up. Nothing says beach and summer like a small dose of the color coral!
- Finally, a unique initial necklace with a 'N' for Nicole ofcourse! What makes it special is its' antique look and perfect chain length.

So thank you Nicole. You were my muse for the last three weeks and I loved shopping for you. I hope you enjoy and have a glorious summer full of love, happiness, and bliss. xo


kSbl said...

Oh you did such a great job Morgan!

I had so much fun putting mine together as well!

Hope to see what you get soon from Nicole.


umama said...

OMG! I received my goodies and I was soooo excited! Everything was perfect!!! I wore my scarf to work today and will post a picture up when I get home... I <3 ikat now too :0) ... Everything was so supercute and so well picked! It's so cool to think someone out there was thinking and shopping for me who I don't even know... but so glad we're friends now!!
Thanks Morgan! I can't wait till you get your goodies too!