Sunday, June 21, 2009

hot dog happiness.

Guy and I went to one of our favorite local spots in Charleston - Jack's Cosmic Dog. You feel like you've stepped into the 50's which is rad. The food is good and the prices are cheap.

We don't go often enough so each time we remember and hit the road for Jack's - we walk out happy and content.

You may notice a couple of things:
1. One of us (me) ordered a plain hot dog with ketchup. I know it's lame but they're THAT good.
2. I'm thoroughly enjoying my vanilla shake. (enough so to get {two} cold headaches)
3. I used the word 'rad' in this post which I've been thinking about all day and realized it's not used enough.
Have a restful Sunday evening!


Hi, Lane said...

Every time we pass that place, my sister is like, "You have NO idea how good that place is!" Maybe one day I'll actually have to stop in.

Tracy-Girl said...

So cool! I love little places like that - family owned and the food is just unbeatable!

pixelhazard said...

Oh we have a 50's style hot dog place near us but I've never seen anyone eating there and considering we're more of a meat pie country (Aus) ours is a lot more dodgy and a lot less delicious...oh how i wish it were delicious like the ones in ur pic seem to be

Kristen Sara said...

Easily the best place on earth... and I order that same plain hot dog with ketchup so do not be dismayed!

valerie said...

ohhh yum. That just screams SUMMER.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

bry said...

i just ordered a plain dog with catsup from Tom's Drive In..mmmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm good