Friday, June 12, 2009

happy to oblige.

The ever so fiesty & lovely Mayra from life is BANANAS tagged me with a fun little task. Turns out I've done something similar in the past so it was easy as pie! The actual rules were something to the effect of letting my bloggie buddies know 10 things about me they may not know. Well I've got 25 for you. I'm an overachiever. This image came with the task... not sure I understand it but here it is!

1. I'm a hypochondriac. I get a bruise, pang, pain, or anything else out of the norm I immediately do three things: a)Tell Guy I'm dying, b)call my mom, and c)look it up on WebMD.
2. Gustavo quite possibly may be my best friend. I adopted him during a really hard period in my life and he's been there for me ever since.
3. I make fun of it but I'm proud that my family resembles the Clevers. Never any drama, all the kids excelled but in different ways, and nothing can go wrong with Carl the Good at the helm.
4. I'm my worst critic.
5. I don't believe in love at first sight, one true love, or soul mates. I believe we can have many loves, at different times in our life, and our soul can connect on many levels.
6. Moe's Billy Barou Nachos were put on this Earth for me.
7. I AM going to meet Dave Matthews. If you believe it, he will come.
8. I have become my mother. I grew up resenting her, not understanding her, and now realize I am her and I'm a better person because of her.
9. Music can heal anything. Music is a faith.
10. Everyone can do one thing to change the world and make it a better place. Being green isn't a fad, being empathatic is a must, and being accepting is life changing.
11. An obsession for shoes and jewelry is hereditary.
12. Maggie Cobetto Lacy and Sarah Condella are the best cooks I know and should go on Top Chef. PLEASE.
13. To me, being a Wisconsin Badger is as important as being female or human.
14. I 100% believe dreams are your subconscious acting out what you can't act on when your conscious.
15. I am a crier. There must be something in the Charleston water because I became a crier since living here. Ask any of my WI people and they'll tell you you're nuts but ask my Charleston girls and they'll tell you I cry on a dime.
16. My girlfriends are my family. Period.
17. I'm proud that I can stand up in front of a crowd of 100 and speak with confidence about something I'm passionate about.
18. My niece and nephew are pure love. I couldn't love them more and am proud of the father my brother as become and the mother my amazing sister in law has become.
19. A hand written note makes my week.
20. I love the beach but I miss Wisconsin lakes, hills, trails, and parks.
21. I fear I'll never be able to conquer my ultimate bad habit: biting my nails.
22. I want to live in NYC someday. Just for three months. Ideally September, October, and November.
23. Certain people have touched my life that I no longer speak with. I think of them everyday.
24. Guy makes me a better person.
25. And finally... I still believe I can touch rim.

Not to rebel, I must keep the chain going. Let's see if Kimberly Julie from wouldn't stop if i could and Teresa of diagnosis deferred want to play.


Kimberly Julie said...

Haha... okay.
If you insist.

bananas. said...

great list morgan!

2 - i think you feel the same way about pups as i do. i love my bullies and feel they understand me in ways others don't.
8 - nothing wrong with that.
15 - i'm definitely becoming one myself.
19 - oh me too.