Friday, June 5, 2009

happy girl.

Today was a good day. Besides having off work, getting to kayak with my family, & going to a BBQ - I got my package from my swap partner Nicole.
Boy oh Boy did she out do herself.
(photo taken from Nicole's blog... so much better than what I took!) She wrapped her goodies in the sweetest of wrappings and handmade all of my goodies! Nicole clearly did her research and realized my love of the sea, paper products, flowers, and accessories. Nicole made me amazing notecards, gift tags, notes for packages, and the most unique & special cloth clutch.
The floral clutch was her first effort and what an amazing effort it was! I already see myself using it for traveling. I'm constantly trying to find something to put my jewelry in so I know it's safe. Now I have it! Plus I can pack my cosmetics in it and stash it in a larger purse for a night out. How lovely indeed.
So thank you Nicole. You're amazingly talented and I'm so glad we can now say we're friends. xo


umama said...

Awww!! So glad you love!!! I was wondering when those goodies were going to get there!!! I can honestly say I had a blast doing this!
nicole :0)

Kimberly Julie said...

I participated in the swap as well! I even did another one off-the-record with another blog-friend of mine. It was oh so much fun and I definitely feel like I found some new friends!