Thursday, June 18, 2009

goodbye rain.

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Dear Mother Nature,

You've been a pain all week. Your excessive rain & thunder has ruined my sleep, mood, and plans. I normally love and embrace your storms because you bring them so irregularly but I've had enough (though I appreciate the much needed drink you've provided to my flower bed....) To add insult to injury, my hair is in a constant state of what I can "fro-ish" and Gus' asthma has kicked up a notch.

Please only return after I complain about how hot I am and wish it would rain so I have an excuse to stay inside and watch a movie. I don't forsee that happening for at least a week.... maybe two.

Thanks for listening. You're still my fave.



Collins said...

ha...i love it. agreed. :)

Michelle "Lady Bug" said...

I don't like the rain. Especially when it rains for a week straight. I hate driving in it and work is a mess because all the customers want help out and don't care if you get wet as long as they don't and the floors are all slippery. So I am with you on this one, even though it isn't raining her in Los Angeles.

kSbl said...

Can I add my name to this letter?


I've had it with all this rain! =[