Tuesday, June 30, 2009

books galore!

One of Guy's and my favorite things to do on a week night is hit Barnes & Noble and browse books. We rarely buy but we like to see what's new, what's recommended, and pick out books for one another.
After our venture today, we decided we need to build a library. I love reading... he has a love/hate relationship with it... but we both know the importance of keeping literature in our lives. His father built us an amazing bookshelf that has 10 or so lonely books on it... why not fill it with books we love! (this means I have to give up or ease up on my Amazon buy/sell book racket I've been participating in...)

Inspired by my evening 'o books - I thought I'd find some beautiful vessels to house books.

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Tell me - what book would have to be in your home library?


Kristen Sara said...

I love the idea of keeping books... although I don't, because I just can't keep stuff for some reason. But the few I do have are "The Alchemist," "And the Band Played On," and "Highlighted in Yellow."

bananas. said...

well of course the twilight saga...those are my babies! lol. i've always wanted a library like the one in disney's beauty and the beast. remember how the beast won beauty over with his library...sigh. so romantic.

kSbl said...

I would have to say the very first Danielle Steel novel I read which was "The Gift". Great read!!!
Plus, I can't forget one of my other fave reads is "Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold.
Have you read any of these two?

and bananas: IT IS MY DREAM to have belle's library from my fave disney movie "Beauty and the Beast". Just makes my heart flutter every time I see it. =)

Hi, Lane said...

I would have every single book I can get my hands on! I'm not a book snob, if it snags my interest at all, I pretty much love it. I spent 4 years catching up on all the Jodi Picoult books, and now I've discovered Jennifer Wiener. Horrible name... good books!