Saturday, May 16, 2009


The swap is finally here! The always adorable Stacey from Love and Photographs is hosting the swap and posted partners yesterday. I couldn't be more pleased.
I am paired with the lovely Nicole from umama. She's a kindred spirit who loves beautiful moments & things, friends, creating gorgeous paper goods, and so much more. I really want to make her happy with my items so it's off to work for me.
The theme is 'Things I Love' and I'm going to have to be extra creative since I'm not overly crafty or 'do it yourself'. The items I purchase (and perhaps make!?) will need much love and thought. I have two weeks - wish me luck!


kSbl said...

Good luck!
I'm also participating and will have to think of cute/creative things to send!

Hope you post what you send then.
I will be posting mine as soon as I send it out to my swap partner!

umama said...

Awww this is so cute and sweet!! I have to scour your blog for some ideas now!!! You pinned me so well!!!

sarah said...

oooh how fun i've always wanted to do a swap!