Saturday, May 30, 2009

perhaps i'm out of the loop?

This morning I treated myself to a facial. Actually, 'treated' may be the wrong word because I don't particularly enjoy facials but felt like I needed one.

photo found here

At the end of the facial, my girl Deborah asked what kind of products I use. Mindlessly I started raddling off Neutragena, Oil of Olay, and Aveeno.
I thought the woman was going to pass out.

Deborah launched into how I need a "real" skin regamin and at my age (28!!) I need to seriously think about how I take care of my skin. She offered me all of these pricey products that I should be using and told me to think about it.
Well I'm definitely thinking about it and wondering if she's right. Do I need to graduate from drug store products? Am I screwing my skin for the future? Or is Deborah using upsell tactics on me and I'm falling for them?

So I ask you, dear readers, what skin care products do you use? Am I out of the loop? Do I need to buck up and pay up? Help!


Krs10 said...

I use L'Occitane's Almond and Apple Anti-Aging Products. Not cheap, but absolutely the best thing I have ever done for my skin. I bought the enitre line (exfoliating scrub, oil cleanser, velvet moisturizer and toner) in November and still haven't gone through it all and I use it every day!! If you don't want to shell out for all of it, the toner and mositurizer are must haves. Worth the investment.

carly said...

i just use water.
is that bad?
now i'm second guessing.

it works for me.
water works for me.
but i also don't wear make up. and everything irritates my skins.
that totally didn't help you.
go water!

bananas. said...

OMG i looooooooove facials. now i want one! k i'll stop wining...

i used to work at a salon & spa and most of the products are way too overpiced for what they do. like dermalogica is crap. don't ever buy. but there are a few worth the money like medicalia exfoliating cleanser or yonka phyto contour and lotion mist. but it depends on your skin type.

Collins said...

just don't wash your face at all. that's what i do. ha ha just kidding. you don't like facials? weirdo! i LOVE facials. ask sandy lu what you should get - she knows. :)

Michelle "Lady Bug" said...

I use clinique products and I don't have a problem with my skin. I'm 27 and honestly I think it is just a scam to get you to spend more money. You just need have a face lotion that has a little sunscreen in it and remember eye cream is always best, day and night.

What products did she offer?

K, tea? said...

i've never had a facial! i want to but i'm too scared my skin is going to totally freak out. i use just about everything in the "simple" line. not sure if it's available outside the uk. it's perfume, color free and perfect for sensitive skin.