Saturday, May 2, 2009

next up - new moon

So Guy and I had a lovely little Friday on Seabrook Island. We drank mimosas, ate good food, laid at the pool, walked the beach, played Trivia Pursuit with his brother & sister in law... plus so much more. We packed a lot in a 24 hour period.
With both joy and sadness, I finished Twilight.
So. Good.
So today I'm dragging Guy to a Walmart or Target so I can pick up New Moon. I can't be without today. It was either that or we watch Twilight. He passed on the movie (for now... I'll get him to cave soon).
Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! I hope it's as beautiful where you are as it is here in the lowcountry.


pranksygang said...

i'm happy that you had a lovely time!!!

and i had a gr8 Saturday!!....

Krs10 said...

If it helps... I have two males I can offer to Guy as references for Twilight. Both Jason and my dad loved it... he needs to see it.