Monday, May 4, 2009

meet margo.

San Francisco 2009
Meet Margo. She's delightful. We work together, became cubemates (yes, I spend most of my time in a double wide cubicle), and we became fast friends. There are many things I love about Margo but here are just a few:
1. She wishes her name was spelled Margaux.
2. She bakes me cookies and always says " I didn't make them but I baked them." (Margo, in my book... baking them is making them)
3. She's my polar opposite in most ways. I attribute this fact to why we are such good friends.
4. She composts. Enough said.
5. She cheers me up on the dreariest of days.
6. She always has a stain on her clothing. Pup drool, coffee, oatmeal... you name it. It's been on Margo's clothes.


pranksygang said...

you both look pretty!! im happy that you have got a good friend!

Micaela said...

bless co-workers who make work bearable! this is so cute :) puppy drool and oatmeal... tell Margo (cuter without the X) i'm THAT girl in my office ;)