Sunday, May 3, 2009


Anyone who knows me knows I love a good bargin (we can all thank my mother for that).
I very rarely pay full price for anything and love the "hunt."
Behold the beautiful clutches I found today!
TJ Maxx - I heart you.
I feel like this first clutch is a work of art. These picture don't do it justice.
It's just beautiful and will be perfect this summer.

I couldn't pass up this find either. The color is so summery and the shape
was unique
enough to catch my eye. I imagine wearing it with a white summer dress
or as an accent to a brown top.

Sigh.... so happy summer is on its' way (or here if you live in Charleston)
so I can use these little beauties.


bananas. said...

those are some great finds!

Madeline P said...

Nice clutches. I especially like the second. And I am a total sucker for the hunt too!