Thursday, May 7, 2009

i've been tagged and am happy to oblige.

Two lovely bloggers - Simply Collins & Pranksygang of Devil's Workshop - tagged me yesterday with similar posts so I thought I would play along!

My current obsession…. I have a few. Twilight series, Moe’s nachos (which is a constant obsession), & blogging!
One item from my closet I wear most often…I don’t think there is one thing I wear most often. I try to mix it up. Boring answer but true.
The thing I last bought…..A $20 donation eCard to charity:water. Last thing for me, however, was these.
I’m listening too…. At this minute – Kings of Leon. Last night, saw The Bushells play at a local bar. Love them!
Any Pets? Yes! My sweet Gustavo.
Favorite holiday spot…. Right here in Charleston. I like being home for the holidays. Who wouldn’t want to stay at the beach for Christmas.
Guilty Pleasure…. Don’t really carry guilt for any of my pleasures. I suppose my love of ‘The Hills’ should be a guilty pleasure but I no, no guilt. :)
Best thing I’ve had to eat or drink lately…. To drink – Firefly & Water. To eat – Guy’s homemade onion rings.
Favorite film….. Sliding Doors
Favorite song….. Too hard to narrow down. I flat out love music. Right now I’m loving Kings of Leon “Closer.”
Favorite flower…. Used to be daisies. Now I love tulips with a passion. It makes me sad how short of a season they have.
Who makes me laugh…. Guy. Definitely Guy.
Favorite sport…. Wisconsin Football. Go Badgers!
First sign of spring… Pollen and Noseeum’s. (Both icky.)
Favorite song from the 80’s….Is it awful that I’m not a huge 80’s fan?
Favorite thing to do on a Sunday…. Oh my goodness. Lots. I love Sunday’s. I love…. hanging with my parents during the day & going on a nightly walk around the neighborhood with Guy.

To keep the chain going.... let's see if life is BANANAS is willing and able.


bananas. said...

thanks for tagging me. that was fun!

Reginasaurus said...

That's so exciting that you live in Charleston! I will be there all summer because my boyfriend lives there too :)

Do you have any recommendations for fun and cheap things to do? We tend to do the same things every day, haha.

And your blog is lovely!