Monday, May 11, 2009


I love this. Mayra at life is BANANAS just blogged about the amazing chairs available at Target and I had to look. I'm in love.
Old Morgan would have immediately started figuring out how to afford this chair. What can I pinch here.... or cut out there. But now, inspired by many beautiful bloggers that I read daily, I want to try and DIY this.
My plan is to find a nice shell of a chair at a local thrift shop.... find similar fabric.... and get my hands dirty. Stay tuned......


bananas. said...

YES! you should so do it. shoot maybe i will too. i don't exactly have $300 lying around. lol. can't wait to see what you come up with. good luck!

Collins said...

yeay! sounds like fun! find me a desk while you are at it. :)

Womans World Magazine said...

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MandyJean said...

Oo I love this! DIYing it would be fun!
Thanks for recommending Love the One You're With! I plan to pick up a copy by the end of the week:)

katie diana said...

oh my gosh!! that is so weird!!! i have to check it out! :) thanks!!