Sunday, May 17, 2009

a girl can dream.

Guy and I were running errands today and were having fun day dreaming about all the things we would buy if money was no option. Surprisingly there were only four on my list. I'm sure I could add to that if I really needed too. :)

1. The bicycle is something I'm constantly on the hunt for. I've been watching craigslist and other sites for the perfect bicycle. It needs to have a basket(or easily be able to accomodate one), be a fun color, and fun style... preferably beach cruiser. I've decided if I don't find a second hand one by the end of the year I'm splurging and buying it for myself as a Christmas present!
2. Guy and I love NYC. We've been many times but have had to pare down the travel due to money and limited vacation time. I miss it desperately and am so jealous of you ladies out there ( like you... and you) that get to wake up and explore the city each day. We're definitely getting there at least once this year.... probably not until late summer though. :sigh:
3. The flip video camera is awesome and I must have it. Margo has it and loves it. I trust her taste. It will be mine by the end of the year.
4. Who wouldn't want an endless supply of Polaroid film?!


My Wooden Heart said...

have you heard of poladroid? here's the link if you don't know about it :

This is what I use for all my polaroid photogaphs.

Also, I like your blog. It's really cute!!!

Sashindoubutsu said...

I like this post.. reminds me of what I wanted to have if I had all the resources, too! Cute blog you got here, can't help but follow.. keep posting.. =)

Melissa said...

your blog is too cute! I just bought a bike from the electra company who sells the cutest little cruiser bikes with baskets and the whole shebang, and I love it :) Hope you find your perfect bike!

Shivi said...

That's cool. Now I'm wondering what all things I'd want to own...I think that will be a very long list :D. Keep blogging!