Monday, May 18, 2009

DIY intimidation

One of my favorite things about reading blogs is seeing all the do-it-yourself before and afters that so many of you post weekly. You inspire and intimidate me at the same time.
I've accomplished two DIY projects in the last year (see above and below).
The bookcase sits in my kitchen and is lovely but took a lot of elbow grease
(and much convincing of Guy to help....)
The second was my headboard that was a family affair but came out perfectly and I couldn't be happier.
I need to get over my intimidation as I found a great chair on Sunday to re-do (see here) but got intimidated at the thought and walked away from it. Thinking of heading back if I can get past the mental block....


bananas. said...

your headboard is stunning! you have nothing to be intimidated by. DIY is not only a way to revamp things but it's a good way to learn. so DO IT! i know you can.


kSbl said...

you did great with those two DIY things and I'm sure you'll do great with anything else you decide to do!

have fun with it!
If i had more time I would do some of my own.