Tuesday, May 26, 2009


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I'm a germaphobe. My phobia hits ridiculous heights when I travel. I irrationally don't worry about germs (all that much) in Charleston but the second I hit the airport I start panicking. I should have stock in Purell.
Even now, in my hotel room, I'm stressing about the germs on the remote. (There was a Dateline on how 'germy' remotes are in hotel rooms. Ugh....)
So now all I can think about is the following:
1. The sick couple in front of me on the flight hacking a lung all flight long and how contaminated I must be. (reminds me I'm due for my next dose of Zycam...)
2. Trying to decide how many times I Purelled today. I'm thinking close to 40 but can't be sure.
3. Thinking how dry the Purell has made my hands as a result.
4. Wishing more people would wear masks on planes so I could too.

Please don't stop reading because you now realize I'm an 80 year old woman.


Ali said...

haha...... funny post. thanks for commenting on my blog - yours is sweet! love your recent DIY efforts - your bathroom looks greaT!

kSbl said...

that's funny because we really all should be more aware of the germs that go around... eek!
but Purell and wash your hands is all you can do to prevent from getting germs.

Good luck!

{love that you admit you are though! =)}

MandyJean said...

I am so with you!
I work in a restaurant and I wash and purell my hands close to fifty times a night! I hate the thought of touching all the cash and other people's credit cards and such.

I also freak when I'm in hotels. I bring my own pillow. I take Clorox wipes to everything! I refuse to used the glasses provided in the bathrooms unless they're the shrink wrapped plastic kind (thank you Today Show segment). I never used the cofffee pots, cuz I know they never get cleaned.

I feel dirty just talking about it! Purell please!

carly said...

i take the bus to and from work every single day. and i just get so creeped out with all the people on the bus and then i think about all the people who were on the bus before i sat down in my seat, and then all the people before them and if they were clean. ugh germs. i wish people lived in bubbles because then i wouldn't have to smell them or think of all the germy smell particles that i'm inhaling.
*hand santizes*

i sanitize my hands at least 40 daily and i work with people.
TIP: purell + a drop (literally) of hand cream and voila there goes dry hands foreverrrrr!

ooo calgary!
i've never been out west yet.
they have the stampede out that way.
that's what it's famous.
i live in ontario.
so i'm an easterner.
enjoy the mountains.

ps. i haven't started selling my pins yet. would you like one?

Gabby said...

Purell is a lifesaver!

pranksygang said...

hahahahha... you sound like me !! even i behave so whenever im out..