Tuesday, May 19, 2009

reason 1,576,825 why i love him.

I really love cookie ice cream sandwiches. Every now and again my local grocery store sells them homemade (maybe once every other month?). Guy and I check everytime we hit the grocery store and most times are disappointed but not today! They had two left and we snatched them up. I was a little disappointed because they didn't have the chocolate chips around the edge (only the best part!) but a girl can deal.

Cut to 5 minutes ago.... I'm upstairs looking at all my favorite blogs and Guy brings my ice cream sandwich, hand rolled with chocolate chips around the edge.
I love him.


CAPow said...

awww! so cute of him!

carly said...


jasmine said...

awwwww! what a sweetheart! i love it!

and your local grocer sells HANDMADE ice cream sandwiches??? oh my goodness! that's the best thing i've ever heard!

kSbl said...

ok i have to go with the same as two people already said:
that was so cute and nice of him to do.
i love it when boys are thoughtful like that.
makes my heart soar.