Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is why I don't wear fingernail polish

Disgusting. Who lets their nail polish get to this? Me - that's who. I don't own fingernail polish remover - hence this. I also bite my fingernails (I KNOW) but have been trying not to so chipping the polish has replaced biting. (Better right?)
I'm going to dinner tonight with two of my ladies... I fear they may judge me because of my henious nails. I may swing by CVS on the way to dinner. Sheesh.
My mom would be so disappointed.


Dionne said...

I am a nail-biter too (hangs head in shame).

I will be hosting another swap in June. The Summertime Swap. So check back in May for the details. It was sooo much fun!

Leslie said...

Awe Morg, we wouldn't have judged!! It would have been further proof of the stress your under, sheesh. It's taking a toll on your poor little nails!