Sunday, April 12, 2009

a sweet little saturday

Guy and I had a wonderful day yesterday. We
started at the farmer's market...

...which was just perfect. The weather couldn't have
been better.

We then hit Fat Hen on John's Island on our way
to Seabrook Island to visit with Guy's family.

Me playing with my macro setting. Damn good
bloody mary. The secret is in the Old Bay seasoning.

Guy wanted documentation of the burrito
he was about to take down. And yes, he finished it.

After visiting with his family (I was bad and didn't
take pictures) we went to the Angel Oak. It's over
300 years old and is AMAZING.

Pretty good for a self portrait.

Another angle of the beautiful tree.
It's the perfect climbing tree and is
such a tease because you can' t climb it.

We're off to brunch soon with my folks and then dinner later with his. I'll be sure to take a picture or two this time. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter!

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Sandy said...

Looks like a beautiful weekend!!! Missing that sunny warm weather...big time! ;)