Saturday, April 25, 2009

nothing will keep me from dave.

Guy and I decided it would be fun to drive to Charlotte yesterday to see Dave Matthews Band. We both love going to concerts, love DMB, and it was our anniversary for heaven's sake. So we get on the road, early enough to avoid rush hour traffic, and make it to Charlotte in record time.
We see this the minute we hit our exit.
And sit in it for TWO HOURS.
Now, if you know me, you know I hate being late. My blood boils, cholestrol rises, etc. Knowing that not only had we lost our two hour window to get there early and tailgate but that we might miss Dave's first few songs.... I was livid.
Guy knew this. Guy was frightened. Guy locked the doors so I couldn't get out and run. (which I would have done btw)
Fortunately the traffic (eventually) subsided. Apparently there was a bad accident that we never came across, which blew the electricity in the area, which meant no stop lights. It was chaos. Reminded me of Bonnaroo '02 actually.

Ahh. Sweet relief. We made it into the show in time, saw all of Dave's show, and were happy again. (They were AMAZING, as always.)

One of the random shots from the night. Guy is clearly not buying whatever I was selling at the moment.

It was a great night (after the traffic debacle) and I wouldn't have wished any other way to celebrate our two years together.

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pranksygang said...

thank god you made it at last... waiting for the traffic to clear is big headache!