Tuesday, April 14, 2009


sometimes i think i'm an overly reflective individual. i fear i think too much about the past and not enough about where i am or where i'm going. part of what draws me back in time is music. music has always been important to me and i can immediately attach a moment or memory to a song. for the most part i love this... like when a certain smell takes you into your past or you see someone across a busy street and think you know them... but when you look back it wasn't them at all.
so, thinking more about this, i thought i would share just a few songs and what they remind me of. first up is DMB - Before These Crowded Streets album. without fail, anytime i hear a song off this album, i'm taken back to my 10th grade orchestra trip to Europe. i think i bought the CD right before we left so it was the soundtrack of that week. happy memory indeed.
ah bone thugs n harmony. how i miss you. senior year of high school i use to go to my boyfriends house with my best friend and we'd jump on his trampoline, listen to bone thugs and have a lovely little time. i was more of a dave matthews, ben harper type of girl but i can honestly say i grew to love this album and i have many happy memories of being young and free.

i'm surprised how many people don't know dispatch. i've had a love for them for a long time and a few of their songs remind me of my sweet friend bryan. Particularly two coins and flying horses. bryan is a free spirit who opened me to many things in my late teens and early twenties. i hear people say that someone has an old soul... bryan is one of those people. anyone would be lucky to have him in their life. i know i am.

and we're back to dave. you'll quickly find that from a young age, thanks to my older brother's cd collection, that i developed a true love for dave matthews. where are you going reminds me of a hard time in my life... where i had just graduated college, ended a 5 year relationship, and moved across the country by myself to start a new. it was the most difficult yet rewarding time in my life.

one of my favorite memories of my dad is dancing on his feet. it was my favorite thing to do. i would beg every night to step on his slippered feet and dance in the kitchen. and he let me every time. we would dance to many things, often times his singing, but georgia on my mind is the song that can bring this lovely memory back in an instant.

and finally.... crash into me. i know what you're thinking. who doesn't have a memory to this song. it was like the anthem of the mid 90's right? but it was my song with my first love... yup... that same 5 year relationship and i don't think there will be a day that i don't think of him when i hear it. this isn't a bad thing but it's a constant reminder of who we were and better yet who i became from that relationship.
i joke that i have the worst memory... and often i do.. but i realize that music allows me to remember things and go back in time like i would never be able to do otherwise. and for that i am thankful.
so i ask you, dear readers, do you have a memory, emotion, or moment tied to a song?


Krs10 said...

I love your love for music... and yes, I have many songs that take me back. I can't listen to "Crash" without thinking of you- and Jewel's "Pieces of Me" CD reminds me of our drive to Madison for Christmas at my Uncle's... and there are so many more but all you have to do is hear a song, close your eyes and you are magically transported back in time.

Sandy said...

I love this post! Music has such a tie to our heartstrings and is such a powerful force in life.

For me, I remember crying to Dido in my tiny flat in France over lost love and homesickness...but I also remember dancing to "Brand New Key" by Melanie in that same little flat(thank you Jordan for introducing me to so much!). Other happy memories are watching you and Collins noodle with the best of them at DMB in Charlotte! Love it! :)

Love, KSBL said...

i have many that i can't even name but i love music just as much as you do!
it is a great memory keeper!