Wednesday, April 22, 2009

everyday is Earth day

so i got home, cracked a beer (see previous post), and realized I didn't blog about it being Earth Day. Weird. I'm a total nut about being green, recycling, not being wasteful, etc etc. So here is my over due but still relevant post. First, let me hit you up with some statistics. If these aren't shocking & disturbing, you've got issues. I'm just saying...
Americans use 100 billion plastic bags per year
That's 300/person
Only 1% get recycled
That's 99% in a landfill
Daunting right? It doesn't have to be. San Francisco became the first city in the United States to ban plastic bags at grocery stores. While we can't all be San Fran (although I wish we could!), we can make a difference. Do you use plastic bags? Do you ever think about why you use them? Could you at least switch to paper? Or make the "big" leap to reuseable bags? If you take time to think about it... I think you'll rethink why you use plastic. It's so simple to say "paper please" or to simply bring you're own.
Let me hit you up with this one...
On average, each person adds four and a half pounds of garbage to our landfills/day
Americans waste 43 tons of food/day
So what can you do to change this? Glad you asked. You can:
- start using reusable bags immediately
- stop buying bottled water (my own personal pet peeve)
- stop buying over packaged items (do you really need your goldfish cracker in individual snack packs?)
- recycle
- and so much more....
Stepping off my soapbox but I urge you to take today or tomorrow to really think about your carbon footprint. Even changing one thing can make a large difference. To give you ideas - here's what I started doing since January:
1. I take my parents recycling weekly to my house so I can recycle theirs with mine. (they don't have pick up where they live)
2. I noticed my boss loves drinking her water out of bottles so I asked her to just leave them on her desk and I recycle them for her.
3. Guy and I have started gardening so we don't have to buy so many vegetables and herbs... this means less packaging... which equals less money(!)
4. I've started using a reuseable snack bag because I'm constantly munching and realized I was wasting 1-2 snack plastic bags a day (eek!!)
Next on the list.... composting!! (can I get a HEYYYYYY-----OOOOOOOO)
Happy Earth Day all! xo


bananas. said...

oh my those stats are scary...but true! i'm not in no way perfect but i love diong what i can to better our little planet. great posting...and thanks for the comment on my blog!


pranksygang said...

great post! and i promise that i will follow some of the steps you mentioned