Thursday, April 23, 2009

established 1981

i had dinner at my folks tonight. i was catching up with my dad and he reminded me he's scanned most of our photos so we have a digital copy. I ran, not walked, to my purse to get my hard drive (yes, I carry it with me everywhere) and immediately started downloading. Here are some of my favorites.
The first photo is a vivid memory of mine. My dad use to hang from this thing to stretch his back and I would love to run in and try to squeeze under him.
I appear to be rocking a baby mullet as well.
we moved around a lot when i was young but we always found our way back to the beach.

My brothers and I. I think this was in North Carolina. Loving the knee high socks and Garfield comforter.

Probably one of my top five favorite pictures. North Carolina, my brother and I, dancing. Does it get any better?

I have many more to share but I'll spread them over many posts. They're too special to let more than a few shine at once.


pranksygang said...

you look so cute sweetie.. i loved your 1st picture..

bananas. said...

oh these photos are precious. the beach one looks like it should be printed on a card. way to go dad for scanning your baby pics. thx for sharing!

Krs10 said...

I remember seeing these when your parents so graciously dug out these old gems when I made that video for your birthday (was that 4 years ago already??). The one of you and Todd dancing is so sweet.