Monday, April 6, 2009

Bookworm is the new Fashionista

I love reading. I love reading in bed. I love reading while traveling. I love reading when I'm suppose to be productive in other ways. (I do not like reading in cars.)
Because of this love, I thought I would share with you lovely readers what's on my 'to read' list.

Courtsey of sweet Maggie I'm in the middle of beautiful boy and loving it. I'm very excited to read Outliers next - I've loved his other books (The Tipping Point & Blink) so I know I'll appreciate his newest venture. Dewey is just a must for a cat lover. And secrets to happiness I bought because of the cute cover - you know you've done it too!
I'll let you know how the end up being - remember to check out Time of My Life. It was a good first effort by an unknown author.

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Krs10 said...

Beautiful Boy is amazing..... there is another book "Tweak" written from the son's perspective (always incredibly well done). Let me know what you think when you're all done!