Monday, March 30, 2009

To the Woman in the Blue Sweatsuit

Hi. I'm Morgan. You probably didn't notice me because you were so absorbed in having two conversations at once and not paying attention to the fact that you were checking out groceries at the Harris Teeter. I really appreciate you not only shouting across lanes to dissect your mother's savings but also talking louding on the phone.
Oh, and by the way, when you plan on using FIFTY about being organized enough to a) pull them out of your purse, b) sort the ones you're using and c) hand them to the cashier instead of throwing them on the conveyor belt (because of course you're too busy chatting).
I think the best thing about you, however, is the fact that you refused to start writing the check until you completed that important conversation about Rebecca's hair. I can say with confidence that I too, think blonde does not suit her.
So thanks. Appreciate the extra 20 minutes in the aisle to collect my thoughts.
Oh yeah. Those two banana peels in your purse - I saw them. Good to see you're keeping it classy.

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