Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Small Act of Kindness

Marketing Genius
I’m sure you’ve seen this commercial. Pure. Genius. Great song by a relatively unknown artist. Pulls on your karmic heartstring in under 60 seconds.

Remember how I said I find inspiration in the most unlikely places? Yeah – here’s another one. Every time I see this commercial I’m reminded of this random time in Starbucks. I have a slight addiction to Chai Lattes (Non fat, no foam please) and go out of my way in the morning to get one. This one morning I was having a rough go of it, down for one reason or another, and trying to trudge through my morning. I ordered my usual from Patrick (I miss you P, please come back to Belle Hall, it’s not the same without you) and all of the sudden this man two people back jumped up and thrust his card in front of mine and offered to pay for my drink. I was taken a back and just looked at him quizzically. He simply said “You look like you’re having a rough morning and I thought this might be a small way to make it better.”

What he did wasn’t earth shattering or heroic. But it was kind and without realizing it, exactly what I needed at that moment. I think of him often, remember his face, and to this day silently thank him for doing something small and kind to a complete stranger.
Do something nice today. Doesn’t need to involve money or a grand gesture. Open the door for a co-worker. Genuinely thank someone. I promise it will make their day; and in turn yours as well.

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